Special Occasions

Definitions of special occasions terms.

White Tie - Full Dress
Traditional Full Dress. Black tail coat and matching trousers with formal satin stripe. White wing collar pique material shirt, vest and band bow tie. Shoes: patent.

Black Tie
Usually a traditional black tuxedo worn with a white wing collar or pleated front shirt and tie and cummerbund in black satin or dark shades. For less conservative Black Tie occasions: colored tuxedos and dinner jackets or colorful accessories are appropriate.

Basic black tuxedo not necessary. Usually a white or colored dinner jacket or a 2 or 3 piece suit is appropriate.

Debutante Ball
Father's to wear traditional black full dress tails with white wing pique shirt, tie and vest. Also white gloves are worn. Guest and escorts are to be in black tie.

Usually black tuxedo or white dinner jacket. Black bow tie with cummerbund or vest or various colorful tie and cummerbund sets.

Formal Dinner Party
If black tie - dress required is traditional black tuxedo and matching black accessories with white pleated shirt. If not Black Tie - dress can be various styles and colors. Possible white dinner jackets with black trousers or black tuxedo with red accessories and white pleated shirt are just a few examples.

Prom / Homecoming / School Formals
Tuxedos worn in various styles and colors coordinated to girl's dress with optional colorful tie and cummerbund sets.

Sweet Sixteen / Quinceanera
Formal party for a girl turning 16 or 15. Usually colorful tuxedos are chosen for the gentlemen in the party to wear by the host herself.

Grand openings / Special Promotions
Tuxedos of various styles and colors are chosen. All members usually wear the same color and style tuxedo.

Bar Mitzvah
Black Tie affair where guests also wear tuxedos